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Kamehameha Schools - World History - Semester 1

Dr. Leleua Loupe Room: Konia 21121 Phone: 
Leloupe@ksbe.edu Hours:lunch, P4, 7, 8 
Course Description

This course examines world civilizations from their origins thorugh their development into the sixteenth century using a global approach while also discussing the distinctive character and development of individual civilizations and regions. Each presentation will present political, economic, social, religious, intellectual, cultural and military history that is integrated into a chronologically ordered synthesis. This approach recognizes that the most advanced civilizations arose first in East Asia or the Middle East.

Goals & Objectives: Students Completing this Course Shall

  1. Acquire a holistic understanding of the origins and historical development of world civilizations to 1500, including contributions of religion, language, philosophy, material and non-material culture and their interaction with the environment.
  2. Describe and critically analyze the reciprocal influence of institutions, values, and ideas upon each other within and between various cultures
  3. Understand and describe critically major political, economic, intellectual and cultural themes that recur throughout history
  4. Critically engage with source material, including these from the canon of world literature, art, and archaeology.
Required Texts:

Hall, Prentice,  World History 2016 Student Edition Grade 11  

Study Guide Human Origins and Neolithic Revolution


Class Resources

  1. Vark.com
  2. whatismylearningstyle.com
  3. Oral History Association
  4. Perdue University Online Writing Guide
  5. University of Cambridge\Faculty of History\Historical Sources
  6. Video Links
  7. Critical Thinking and Reading Guide
  8. Kainai Learner Profile Resource
  9. Map Skills


Course Requirements: TBD


Click to download the Participation Rubric

What to expect in Lecture:

A combination of lecture, video and discussion

Make-up Policy:

Unless you have pre-arranged an alternative test with me NO MAKE UP EXAMS will be allowed after exams have been taken by the class unless PRE-ARRANGED with me. Do Not Ask.

Academic Integrity:


All students are expected to do the work for this course with honesty and integrity. To do otherwise is to break one’s implicit contract with the instructors or with one’s fellow and sister students. Accordingly, anyone who cheats on an examination in any way or who submits work that is not wholly his or her own work will fail this course in its entirety.

Classroom Management:


All quizzes and exams will be based on all materials shared in class.

Reading and Writing Assignments:

I expect students to complete readings and any related assignments, BEFORE the class for which I list them. Be prepared to discuss each class reading assignment in class.

Grading Exams:

I will respond to e-mails during office hours and grade papers once a week, I require a 2 week turn around time to return papers back to you given my workload. I may respond more frequently and get your papers back to you sooner but you can expect me to be available and respond to your inquiries as explained above.


Class Schedule:

  Week 1
Pauahi's Vision
Vision 2040 Kamehameha
E Ola!
Topic: Learning Style
Assignment: Vark.Com, WhatIsMyLearningStyle.Com
Writing Assignment: Take the above quizzes and write a summary of What your learning style is and what methods of study work best for your style.  What did you learn? what new techniques might you try this semester? Turn in next class for discussion purposes. You may hand write or types it up and turn it in. Reading Assignment: Chapter 1
  Week 2
Quiz Topic: Types of Historical Sources
Reading Assignment: OHA Oral History Association Principles and Best Practices
Reading Assignment: University of Cambridge/Faculty of History/sources
Worksheet: Theme: Early Humans
Lecture:Early Humans & The Agricultural Revolution
Video:becoming Human Part I NOVA/PBS/ film worksheet
Reading Assignment: Chapter 1 Discuss: Chapter 1 Early Humans/ Hominid chart
  Week 3
Quiz Theme: First Civilizations
Lecture:The First Civilizations: Mesopotamia & The Nile
Video: Mesopotamia
The Pyramid Code Episode 3 Sacred Cosmology & Episode 4 the Empowered Human
Primary Source: The Code of Hammurabi, Cone of Uruinimgina
Discuss: Chapter 1 Early Civilizations/early civilizations chart/early ways of living
  Week 4
Quiz Theme: Ancient India
Lecture: Ancient India
Video: Ancient India /The Story o Indian BBC/PBS (youtube)
Discuss:Chapter 2 Ancient India/ chart/ religions chart
Primary Source:: Harappan Seals, The Origins of Kingship
  Week 5


Quiz Theme: China in Antiquity
Lecture: Ancient China
Video: Ancient China/ The Religion of China FHS
Discuss: Chapter 3 China in Antiquity/ chart/ religions chart
Primary Source: The Way of the Tao, Sima Qian by Li Su



Theme: The Civilization of the Greeks
Lecture: Early Greece/ Greek Polis
Video: The Western Tradition 5/6 PBS (Youtube)
Discuss: Chapter 4 The civilizations of the Greeks
Primary Source: Iliad, Thucydides, Xenophon, Aristotle, Plutarch


lecture: Early Rome, the Han Empire & the Silk Road
Video: Early Rome/ From Jesus to Christ/ PBS - Frontline
Discuss: Chapter 5 Rome, China & the Emergence of the Silk Road
Primary Source:


Theme: The Peopling of the Americas
Lecture: Urbanization in Meso-America
Urbanization in South and North America
Video: Ancient Empires Vol. 1, "THe Maya: Temple, Tombs & Time" PBS
Breaking the Mayan Code, NOVA
Discuss: Chapter 6 The Americas
Primary Source:

your works cited page is due Monday - 12 sources, half from KPFK

Quiz Theme: The Middle East
Lecture: The Rise of Islam I narrated
Rise of Islam II narrated
Video: Islam: Empire of Faith, PBS/ A Thousand and One Nights: A Historical Perspective, FHS
Discuss: Chapter 7 Ferment in the Middle East: The Rise of Islam
Quiz Theme: Africa
Lecture: The Coming of Islam - African Civilizations
Video: Secrets of the Dead: Search for the First Human, PBS
Discussion: Ch 8 Early Civilizations in Africa
Primary Source:
Quiz Theme: South and South east Asia
Lecture:The Silk Road, After the Mauryas & Islam
Video: The Silk Road, I-III, PBS
Discussion: Chapter 9, The Expansion of Civilizations in South and SE Asia
Quiz Theme: Traditional China
Lecture: The Sui, Tang & Song
Video: Lost Empire of Genghis Kahn, History Channel The Tang
The Song
Discussion: Chapter 10 The Flowering of Traditional China
Primary Source:
Quiz Theme: East Asian Rimlands
lecture: Early Japan, Korea and Vietnam
Video: Secrets of the Samurai, FHS/Hidden Korea PBS
Discussion: Chapter 11 East Asian Rimlands
Primary Source:
  Theme: The Making of Europe
Lecture: Middle ages
Video: The Western Tradition: Part I, Annenberg/CPB Collecttion/PBS (30 minutes each program), Programs 17 and 18, ;The Dark Ages; and ;The Age of Charlemagne.;/The Feudal System, Films for the Humanities and Sciences (36 minutes).
Discussion:Chapter 12, The Making of Europe
Primary Source:

Spring 2015 Final Examination Study Guide

Oral Exam - presentations