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California State University, Fullerton - History 190

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** I will only respond to e-mails from the above account. I will not respond to e-mails on the campus e-mail.

HST 190 Survey of American History with Emphasis on Ethnic Minorities - Sections

190-01-19189 M/W 8:30 - 9:45 PM LH - 306

Course Description: Discussion

A survey of American history from prehistoric times (before 1492) to the present, with special emphasis on the role of race and ethnicity. (Same as AFAM/AMST/CHIC 190). Credit will not be given for both HIST 180 and 190. Social, political, economic developments will be emphasized and students will confront subjects that deal with race, class and gender relations throughout American history.

Goals and Objectives:
  1. Recognize the significance of cultural, intellectual, ethical, economic, and political struggles that have shaped American society over time.
  2. Understand critically the historical development of American institutions and values and their impact on the individual and collective lives of Americans.
  3. Recognize the significance of the interaction of ethnic and other social groups to the historical development of American society, institutions, and values within contexts of accommodation and resistance.
  4. Understand critically how government under the Constitution of the United States has shaped American society.
  5. Critically situate changes in American society within the context of global events.
  6. Analyze primary source materials, engage in critical and constructive discussions, and communicate effectively in writing.
Required Texts:
  1. Howard Zinn, A People’s History of the United States
  2. http://www.historyisaweapon.com/zinnapeopleshistory.html
  3. Red Eagle, Phillip H. Red Earth: A Vietnam Warrior’s Journey Salt Publishing, 2007
  4. Loewen, James, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Text Books Got Wrong
  5. Video Links

Recommended Readings

Douglas A. Blackmon, Slavery by Another Name: The Re-enslavement of African Americans from the Civil War to World War II
Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the age of colorblindness


The African Presence in Ancient America parts 1 - 5 (available on youtube.com)


African in the Americas Series
Available in the CSUF Library

Episode 1A Terrible Transformation 1450 - 1750
Episode 2Revolution 1750 - 1805
Episode 3Brotherly Love 1791 - 1831
Episode 4Judgement Day 1831 - 1865

We Shall Remain Series available on PBS.org
Episode 1After the Mayflower
Episode 2Tecumseh's Vision
Episode 3Trail of Tears
Episode 4Geronimo

Chinese in the Americas Volume II

Available in the CSUF Library

Video Links

Course Requirements:

Midterm 30%
Red Eagle 10%
Final Exam 30%
Participation 30%

Click to download the Participation Rubric

I will use a +/- for final grades

learning and practicing how to read critically and take notes is critical in mastering the material and doing well in this class. Download the Critical Reading, Thinking and Writing Guide for reference. Keep a Journal of your note taking that you can turn into me for the midterm and final exam for review and grading. You may use ten pages of notes for the midterm and final. They must be your notes and cannot be quiz copies or power point copies. Turn in your journal for the final only if you want to improve on a previous grade. Turn it in in a format that you will not need back, I will not return them.
click to download Journal rubric

What to expect in Lecture: A combination of lecture, video and discussion

Common Types of Disruptive Classroom Behavior that you may be penalized for:
Grandstanding: Use the classroom for themselves by monopolizing class discussion, speaking protractedly and bombastically on favorite subjects with no regard to relevancy to the discussion.
• Sleeping in Class: While passively disruptive, it sends a message to the other students about the quality of the class or teaching. It is disrespectful to the instructor and the other students.
• Prolonged Chattering: Small cliques of 2-3 students who engage in private conversations or pass notes to each other.
• Excessive Lateness: Students who not only come in late, but make an entrance speaking to friends, walking in front of the professor, arranging their belongings.
• Noisy Electric Devices: Beepers and pagers going off in class or students talking on the telephone during the class.
• Disputing the Instructor’s Authority or Expertise: Students may be disappointed or frustrated over a grade and may debunk or devalue the instructor’s judgment, authority, and expertise. This may take the form of comments in the class or memos to department chair or dean.

If you display any of the above behavior I may ask you to leave the class for the day, week, or permanently or deduct points or value from your final grade.

Make-up PolicyUnless you have pre-arranged an alternative test with me NO MAKE UP EXAMS will be allowed after exams have been taken by the class unless PRE-ARRANGED with me. Do Not Ask.

Academic Integrity: All students are expected to do the work for this course with honesty and integrity. To do otherwise is to break one’s implicit contract with the instructors or with one’s fellow and sister students. Accordingly, anyone who cheats on an examination in any way or who submits work that is not wholly his or her own work will fail this course in its entirety. I REALLY MEAN THIS!
Academic Integrity Policy

Classroom Management: ELECTRONICS ARE PROHIBITED. If I find a student using any kind of electronic device you will be asked to leave for the day, upon a third classroom removal I will ask the Dean to intervene. Points will be deducted from your participation grade as I decide is appropriate. If you are tardy or late to class I will also deduct participation points at my discretion. IF YOU DO NOT ATTEND CLASS and COMPLETE ASSIGNED COURSE WORK, YOU WILL NOT PASS.  I will drop students from class for excessive absences.

Reading and Writing Assignments: I expect students to complete readings BEFORE the class for which I list them. You are responsible for summarizing and analyzing the reading each week.  You do not turn it in; rather, you use them to study for the exams.

Grading Papers/Exams: I will respond to e-mails during office hours and grade papers once a week, I require a 2 week turnaround time to return papers back to you given my workload.  I may respond more frequently and get your papers back to you sooner but you can expect me to be available and respond to your inquiries as explained above.

Students’ rights to accommodations for documented special needs: http://www.fullerton.edu/disabledservices/

Actions students should take in an emergency: http://prepare.fullerton.edu/


Class Schedule:

Week 1


Introduction to Class - Vark.com Know your learning style
Theme: Pre-contact America
Lecture: Peopling of America
Video: More Than Bows and Arrows
Video Worksheet: More Than Bows and Arrows Worksheet
Discussion: Loewen, "The True Importance of Christopher Columbus" Study Guide
Download all Week 1 Documents
Week 2

Theme: European Contact - The Spanish
Lecture: “Explorers, Conquistadors and Saviors”
Video: The Canary Effect
Video Worksheet: The First Settlement
After the Mayflower Worksheet
Discussion: Zinn, “Indians, Columbus and Human Progress” Study Guide
Pre-contact Overview & Spider Woman

Download all Week 2 Documents
Week 3  
Quiz Theme: European Contact - French, English & Dutch
Lecture: “Explorers, Conquistadors and Saviors”
Video: After the Mayflower
Video Worksheet: After the Mayflower Worksheet
Discussion: Zinn, “Indians, Columbus and Human Progress” Study Guide
Pre-contact Overview & Spider Woman
Week 4  
Quiz Theme: Colonial American Expansion
Lecture: Colonial America and Racial Slavery/ worksheet
Narrated Powerpoint Part I
Narrated Powerpoint Part II
colonial brides
Video: Africans in the Americas: Volume 1 - Terrible Transformation
Video Worksheet: Terrible Transformation
Discussion: Zinn, “Drawing the Color Line”
Zinn, "People of Mean and Vile Condition”
Loewen, “The Truth About the First Thanksgiving” Study Guides

Download all Week 4 Documents

Week 5  
QuizTheme: Revolutionary America
Lecture: Towards Revolution
Video Worksheet: Midwives Tale
Af. A Revolution
Discussion: Zinn, “Tyranny is Tyranny” and “A Kind of Revolution”

Download all Week 5 Documents

Week 6  
Theme: Post Revolution and Expansion
Lecture: The New Republic
Video: We Shall Remain Series -Tecumseh's Vision
Video Worksheet: Tecumseh's Vision Worksheet
Discussion: Zinn, “The Intimately Oppressed”
“As Long as the Grass Grows and River Runs"
Loewen, “Red Eyes”

Download all Week 6 Documents

Week 7  
QuizTheme: Industrial and Market Revolution
Lecture: The Market Revolution
Revolt and Reform 1820 - 1840
Video: One woman One Vote Part I/History of Sex
Trail of Tears
Discussion: Zinn, “Robber Barons and Rebels"
Loewen, “Gone with the Wind: The Invisibility of Racism in American History Textbooks"

Download all Week 7 Documents

Week 8 Midterm Review & Study Guide
Bring the scantron 882 completed with name, day and time of class to my office after the class session. We will not meet in class on Wednesday
Midterm Exam Fall 2015
Theme: Antebellum South and Gold Rush California
Lecture: Slavery & The Old South
California Gold Rush
Narrated Version
Video: Af. A Brotherly Love / Chinese in the Americas
Discussion: Zinn, “We Take Nothing by Conquest Thank God”
Loewen, “The Invisibility of Anti-racism in American History Textbooks”

Download all Week 8 Documents

Week 9
QuizTheme: The Abandonment of Reconstruction
Lecture: Road to Secession
Video: Birth of a Nation
Africans in the Americas: Volume 4 - Judgement Day
Slavery by Another Name
Video Worksheet: Africans in the Americas: V4 Judgement Day worksheet
Discussion: Zinn, Slavery without Submission, Emancipation without Freedom
Zinn, The Other Civil War

Download all Week 9 Documents

Week 10  
QuizTheme: Post Reconstruction/ American Imperialism abroad
Lecture: Quest For Empire
Video: Savage Acts
Discussion: Zinn, “Empire and the People” & “The Socialist Challenge”

Download all Week 10 Documents

Week 11


Quiz Theme: Wilson and the Great War & Great Depression
Lecture: The Great War at Home and Abroad
Video Worksheet: The Great War Clips, Armenian Genocide
Discussion: Zinn,Self Help in Hard Times
“War is the Health of the State”

Download all Week 11 Documents

Week 12  
Theme: World War II at Home and Abroad, the Cold War
Lecture: War at Home & Abroad
Cold War
Video: zoot Suits; Fidel the Untold Story
Crisis in America
Video Worksheet: Fidel the Untold Story Worksheet
Discussion: Zinn, A Peoples War?
Loewen, “Handicapped by History: The Process of Hero Making”
Loewen, “Land of Opportunity
Download all Week 12 Documents
Week 13  

Theme: The Rise of Civil Rights
Lecture: Post WWII and the Rise of Civil Rights
Video/CD: Citizen King/ Bobby Seale and the Black Panther Party
Discussion: Zinn, Or Does it Explode?;
Loewen, Watching Big Brother

Download all Week 13 Documents
Week 14  

Theme: Vietnam
Lecture: Vietnam
Video: Winter Soldier Vietnam Part I
Crisis in the Congo
Terrorism Thiers and Ours link
Discussion: Zinn, “A Peoples War?” Part II; Zinn, “The Impossible Victory, Vietnam” & “Surprises”
Download all Week 14 Documents
Week 15



Theme: Consolidating the Revolution
Video: Winter Soldier Iraq & Afghanistan Part I
Winter Soldier Iraq & Afghanistan Part II
Terrorism Thiers and Ours link
Discussion:Loewen Ch. 9 "See No Evil: Choosing not to look at the war in Vietnam" Zinn,:"Are the 70s Under Control" & "Carter-Reagan-Bush"

Download all Week 15 Documents
Week 16

Final Exam week

Due: Red Eagle, Phillip H. Red Earth: A Vietnam Warrior's Journey & Egbal Ahmed, Terrorism Thiers and Ours

Final Exam Link Turn in the scantron 882 and the above assignments to my office on Wednesday by 4PM. I will be in my office after 2PM. If you drop it off earlier just slip it under my door. Any questions before hand you may call me at 951-990-1853.