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California State University, Fullerton - History 110B 2015

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United States History Survey

HST 110B-02-16171 M/W 1:00-2:15 H 126
HST 110B-10-15349 M/W 2:30-3:45 H509

Course Description

This is a thematic survey of world History from the Sixteenth Century to present focusing on the history of slavery and antislavery, the environment, Labor, pattern of poverty and creation of developed and underdeveloped nations in world History.  Power points will be posted following a general world history survey for those students who may desire or benefit from a tertiary source text book approach. This class will focus on the required secondary texts as listed.

Goals & Objectives: Students Completing this Course Shall

  1. Understand the forces that shaped the modern world from 1500 and the emerging factors that contribute to a multipolar world order
  2. Understand the recurring themes in the development of diverse cutlrues and societies since 1500, including the socio-economic, political, cultural, and environmental impacts of colonialism, industrialism, nationalism and globalization
  3. Recognize and understand the encounter, interaction, clash, and accommodation of various political, religious, ethnic, and gender groups and their contributions to past and present societies
  4. Critically engage with source material, including original records, eyewitness accounts, memoirs, newspapers, surveys, statistics, film, and scientific treatises.
Required Texts:
  1. Drescher, Seymour, Abolition: A History of Slavery and Antislavery, Cambridge University Press, 2009.
  2. Prashad, Vijay, The Darker Nations, The New Press, 2007.
  3. Lines, Thomas, Making Poverty: A History, Zed Books, 2008.
  4. Mosley, Stephen, The Environment in World History, Routledge, 2010.
  5. Hirsch, Steven, Anarchism and Syndicalism in the Colonial and Post Colonial World, Routledge (Available free as an e-book through the library)
  6. Primary sources or articles posted on website


Video Links

Suggested Readings:

article, "Why I Teach Plato to Plumbers"

Course Requirements:

Attendance & Participation 30%
Lines summary 10%
Mosely Summary 10%
Midterm Exam 25%
Final Exam 25%I will use a +/- system for the final grades

Click to download the Participation Rubric

Participation and Exam Preparation
I expect you to do the work necessary to master the content of the class of which includes knowledge shared through reading assignments, lectures, discussion and films. I suggest you keep a journal in which, at the very least, you answer the question prompts and identify the key words listed on each power point. If you would like to earn an A in the class do include notes on the films and reading assignments, of which I usually have study guides available that will indicate specific information on which you may be tested.  If you would like me to take a look at your note taking I can make suggestions about how to improve your methods of mastering the material and therefore your performance on the exams. Note that participation is a fourth of your grade. Take notes and be prepared to discuss content for each class period.

Lines & Mosely Summaries

You may complete these at your convenience. One is due week 8 and the other is due week 15. I want a brief book review discussing the main points of each text and its value.

learning and practicing how to read critically and take notes is critical in mastering the material and doing well in this class. Download the Critical Reading, Thinking and Writing Guide for reference. Keep a Journal of your note taking.

Click to download journal rubric

Common Types of Disruptive Classroom Behavior that you may be penalized for:

  1. Grandstanding: Use the classroom for themselves by monopolizing class discussion, speaking protractedly and bombastically on favorite subjects with no regard to relevancy to the discussion.
  2. Sleeping in Class: While passively disruptive, it sends a message to the other students about the quality of the class or teaching. It is disrespectful to the instructor and the other students
  3. Prolonged Chattering: Small cliques of 2-3 students who engage in private conversations or pass notes to each other.
  4. Excessive Lateness: Students who not only come in late, but make an entrance speaking to friends, walking in front of the professor, arranging their belongings.
  5. Noisy Electric Devices: Beepers and pagers going off in class or students talking on the telephone during the class.
  6. Disputing the Instructor’s Authority or Expertise: Students may be disappointed or frustrated over a grade and may debunk or devalue the instructor’s judgment, authority, and expertise. This may take the form of comments in the class or memos to department chair or dean.
If you display any of the above behavior I may ask you to leave the class for the day, week, or permanently or deduct points or value from your final grade.

What to expect in Lecture:

A combination of lecture, video and discussion

Make-up Policy:

Unless you have pre-arranged an alternative test with me NO MAKE UP EXAMS will be allowed after exams have been taken by the class unless PRE-ARRANGED with me. Do Not Ask.

Academic Integrity: Academic Integrity Policy

All students are expected to do the work for this course with honesty and integrity. To do otherwise is to break one’s implicit contract with the instructors or with one’s fellow and sister students. Accordingly, anyone who cheats on an examination in any way or who submits work that is not wholly his or her own work will fail this course in its entirety.

Classroom Management:

ELECTRONICS ARE PROHIBITED. If I find a student using any kind of electronic device you will be asked to leave for the day, upon a third classroom removal I will ask the Dean to intervene. IF YOU DO NOT ATTEND CLASS and COMPLETE ASSIGNED COURSE WORK, YOU WILL NOT PASS. I will drop students from class for excessive absences.

All quizzes and exams will be based on all materials shared in class.

Reading and Writing Assignments:

I expect students to complete readings and any related assignments, BEFORE the class for which I list them. Be prepared to discuss each class reading assignment in class.

Grading Exams:

I will respond to e-mails during office hours and grade papers once a week, I require a 2 week turn around time to return papers back to you given my workload. I may respond more frequently and get your papers back to you sooner but you can expect me to be available and respond to your inquiries as explained above.

Students’ rights to accommodations for documented special needs: http://www.fullerton.edu/disabledservices/

Actions students should take in an emergency: http://prepare.fullerton.edu/l

Student Campus Resources


Class Schedule: This web site is still under construction and will be update weekly

Week 1  

Introduction to Class
Read: Drescher, Chapter 1 & 2
Power Point available: Origins of the slave trade & Iberians in the Americas
Suggested Readings:Pre-contact America & Spider Woman
Assignment: Vark.com quiz - Know your learning style: A Strategy for Success
Canary Effect (use google chrome if does not work)/ People of the Water

Week 2  
Practice Quiz Read & Discuss: Drescher, Chapter 1 & 2
Suggested Readings:
Pre-contact America & Spider Woman
Power Point available: Origins of the slave trade & Iberians in the Americas
Film: Canary Effect (use google chrome if does not work)/ People of the Water
Week 3 Monday is Labor Day - Campus is Closed
Practice Quiz

Power Point Available: Expansion of Trans-Atlantic Slavery
Read & Discuss: Drescher, Chapter 3 & 4
Suggested Readings: Queen Amina & Queen Nzinga; trans-atlantic slave trade
: Middle Passage/Amistad

Week 4  
Practice Quiz Power Point Available: Crisis and Reformation in Europe
Read & Discuss: Drescher, Chapter 5 & 6;
Organizational chart for lecture
Suggested Readings
: Free Blacks & Mestiza & Anti-Slavery Movement
Video: Burning Times
The Haitian Revolution Documentary
Week 5  
Practice Quiz

Power Point Available: Revolution in South America
Read & Discuss: Drescher, Ch. 7 & 8
Suggested Reading: De Las Casas, Quilts
Video: Quilombo & Copoeira & History of Slavery in Brazil

Week 6  
Practice Quiz

Power Point Availabl: The East Asian World
Read & Discuss: Drescher, Ch. 9-11
Video: From SlaveTrade to Coolie Trade
Coolies: How the British reinvented slavery

Week 7  
Practice Quiz
Practice Quiz

Power Point Available: The West on the Eve of a New World Order
Read & Discuss: Drescher, Ch 12 & 13;
Video: Enlightenment :The Woman Question"/Mary Wolstencraft/French Revolution: Impact & Sources FH&S/ British East India Company

Week 8


Review Guide

Midterm Exam/Mosely Due Monday
We will not meet in class on Wednesday, you will take the exam and bring scantron #882 to my office at the end of the class hour on Wednesday. If I am not in my office at the time slip it under my door. I will be in and out all day. Be sure to write your name, class and class day and time on the scantron.

Week 9  
Quiz Hirsch

Power Point Available: The Beginnings of Modernization
Read & Discuss: Hirsch Intro & Part I (choose one chapter in Part I and bring a summary to class on Monday)
Video: The Children Who Built Victorian Britian

Week 10  
Quiz Hirsch Imperialism Quiz

Power Point Available: High Tide of Imperialism
Discuss: Hirsch Part II & Concluding chapter
Video: Savage Acts/Scramble For Africa/Sepoy Revolution

Week 11  
Quiz Vijay Intro & Paris

Power Point Available: Shadows over the Pacific
Discuss: Drescher, Ch. 13 & 14 No questions for 15
Video: Anarchism in America

Week 12

Wednesday - Veterans Day- Campus Closed

Quiz Vijay

Power Point Available: :World War One
Revolution and Depression

Discuss: Vijay: Introduction to Cairo & Mosely book
Video: Ghandi/Mustafa Kemal Atuturk/Ho Chi Minh

Week 13  
Quiz Vijay

Power Point Available: Rise of Nationalism in India/ Middle East Nationalism
Discuss: Vijay, Buenas Aires to Havana
Video: Ghandi/Mustafa Kemal Atuturk/Ho Chi Minh

Week 14 Mosely Worksheet
Quiz Vijay

Power Point Available: The Crisis Deepens" World War II
Discuss: Vijay, "Pitfalls" A
Video: Israel-palestine Conflict Myths Exposed

Grassroots peace movement

Week 15

Lines Summary is Due

Quiz Cold War
Quiz Vijay & Lines
Power Point Available: Cold War Patterns
Discuss: Vijay, "Assassinations
Lines, Making Poverty, Chapters 4-6 Intro & Chapter 1 Questions
Mosely, The Environment in World History
Video: Crisis in the Congo
Video: Cuban Missle Crisis/Fidel

Terrorism Theirs and Ours film link
Week 16

Final Exam Link

Leave number 21 blank, I caught the typo late

1 PM class: The final is Monday December 14th from 2:30-4PM

I will be in my office at this time to recieve the scantron 882 and Worksheet or notes on "Terrorism theirs and ours".

2:30 class: The final is Wednesday, December 16th from 2:30-4PM